by Ayz

LOFi MODERN | there are no rules

Ayz is a writer-director-producer from Toronto, with a natural gift for universal storytelling and visual design. Making films and music since the age of 23, Ayz has screened at Sundance and Berlin. He's also the co-founder of The Wild Machine, a Toronto based production collective.

This is his first official EP. Recorded quick and unfiltered the project was finished in under 2 weeks. LoFi Modern was an experiment in breaking all the rules of music-making. Every song was conceived on an iPhone and then sequenced, mixed and mastered on a Mac laptop. No Middle steps. Ayz was after a Dirty/Beautiful melodic sonic experience, feeling most current music to be over mastered and polished, loosing the immediacy of good Art -- so every effort was made to preserve the rawness of first takes and accidents in the recording. What resulted was the LoFi Modern Ep.