The Toronto boys blow off some steam after a loooong week and BS about not feeling sorry for whining Filmmakers, No excuses for filmmaking, Directors Daniel Patrick Carbone (film still in thumbnail above), Oakley Anderson-Moore, Women in cinema, Women in the Hood, The BUREAU of CREATIVE RIGHTS filmmakers, To Our Bright White Hearts' actual Budget, Ayz wrongly remembering having a jib on Loot, Fun Filmmaking, Martin's Method Acting Migraine, The Pros + cons of Pre-viz, Tangerine and iPhone Filmmaking, Most people wanting Tools vs Skills, Stu Maschwitz' support on White Red Panic, Complaints, Learning actual skills so you understand every Film department's job, Cinematographer Kevin Rasmussen making magic happen, Nailing shots in one take while in Flow States, The appearance of not doing anything, Growing as Filmmakers and always learning, thinking you invented a gangsta camera shot, anyone being an artist, not feeling talented, hard work, the accumulative effect of putting in the time, ambitions vs ability, The dopeness of the TWM Newsletter's Tips and Tricks, Akira Kurosawa, Christopher Nolan being a Grinder, Being aware that you're not Michael Jordan, Not rating Haters, Constructive Criticism not being Negative, Being Grateful to Shitty Commenters, Criticism being a Reflection of your self worth, and Joe Carnahan's brilliant Stretch becoming a Cult Flick. (RELEVANT LINKS BELOW)

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FT. Ayz and Martin


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Director Daniel Patrick Carbone:

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Cinematographer Kevin Rasmussen:

Iphone Filmmaking and "Tangerine";…gerine-iphone-5s

Stu Maschwitz' awesome PROLOST site:

Stu's original White Red Panic Article:

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LOOT short film:

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